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Readers Respond: What are your favorite sites to watch free TV online?

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Do you have a few favorite sites to watch free TV online? Share them with the About.com community. Share your favorites!

Online TV with remote control

You can use your smartphone or other, available from internet device as TV Remote Control to our online TV. http://bonalink.com/OnlineTV/
—Guest anhr

best online tv

slipstreamtv.com--has every sport and its all free. not even a registration...live baseball,soccer,nfl,free mma &boxing ppv. hockey, nascar, cricket, even darts--best live sports on the web by far-- also has 4 movie channels and 14 comedy channels
—Guest garry finkbeiner

I Like Wanna Watch It Now

When I watch TV online I like to use WannaWatchItNow.com Ads a VERY minimal and the navigation is a breeze

Best place to watch TV episodes online

Another best place to watch tvepisodes is www.tvripple.com
—Guest TV episodes

Legally watch Free Satellite TV on PC

I found this great software that lets you watch all the satellite TV channels legally for free on your PC. It's brilliant. Now I don't have to pay for satellite TV. I got the software here: http://www.watchtvchannelonline.com/
—Guest Dorris

I found a site that has link sites

this one has 20 something link sites to movies, tv, news, news paper web sites w/ no pop ups. http://oldtimemoviepalace.blogspot.com/ .I have watched alot of shows later on when i get home nice. Safe and easy just point and click.

free TV online

i watch TV satellite n my home setting at the front of him annoyed may be some thing try to see movies songs any thing getme out of my case but TV online no....
—Guest ahmedhafiz

Stay Away from SatelliteDirect

I tried SatelliteDirect and was not please. System was difficult to install and navigate and, so far, they have refused to honor their money back no questions asked pledge.
—Guest Al Want

I found a Great site to watch tv shows

check it out at http://tvontheinter.net It also has movies :)
—Guest brendan

another good one

http://tvmad.com loads of tvvchannels for free- movies, sports, tv-shows, music playlists
—Guest paul

TV shows and movies too

I have found a good site if you want to have an selection of 3,000 - 4,000 channels and movies as well. http://www.fasttvonpc.com
—Guest bboret

TV programs

I like to watch www.hopetv.org In Chile I like: www.tvn.cl www.nuevotiempo.cl These are in Spanish.
—Guest Horty

WIN 7 Home Premium

Supplies you with internet TV/a Dual Core Processor is required and high speed RAM/plus a HD PCIe Video Card--its called Media Center..and also has occasional Updates for the Schedule/there is lot's of stuff--but it also requires LOADING TIME../about 20-minutes can be good.


hulu.com have never let me down..full selection of channels.. our soldiers in Iraq first introduced me!
—Guest Elena

Thank You

I did not know you can do it, legally...I mean just watching not copying. Thank you.

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What are your favorite sites to watch free TV online?

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