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Public Records Online: Ten Free Sources You Can Use To Jumpstart Your Search

Locating public records is one of the most popular search activities on the Web, and millions of people look for vital, historical, and other publicly registered documents every day online. Find a birth certificate, locate census records, track down land use documents, and much more with this list of the best websites for finding public information on the Web.  

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Bitcoins - What Are They?

Bitcoins - virtual, decentralized, untraceable currency - is gaining popularity. Learn more in this beginner's guide to Bitcoins.

The Pros and Cons of Net Neutrality

Net neutrality gives us the freedom to access anything on the Web without restrictions, boundaries, or tiered levels of access.

Public Domain Images

Public domain images - images that are freely available for any use - are numerous on the Web. Here are 12 high quality Web resources for public domain images that you can use for private or commercial purposes.

Exclude Terms from your Search Query

Using the subtraction symbol, you can exclude specific terms from your search query, making your search more effective.

Free People Search Sites: Are They For Real?

If you've ever tried to find someone on the Web, you've probably come across a lot of sites that try to "sell" you information. You don't have to buy this info - it's available for free on the Web. Keep reading to find out how you can tap into these free people search sites.

Anonymous Web Browsing 101

Learn about anonymous Web browsing, what it is, why you might be interested in it, how much information is easily learned about you via your Web surfing habits, anonymous proxies and services, and more.

How to Find a List of Search Engines

Need a good search engine? Here is a comprehensive list of the top search engines on the Web.

Ten Tricks That Make Going Online A Little Easier

Save time and energy using ingenious shortcuts for common online tasks, like tracking down the original source of an image, creating a URL, and weeding through lots of search results.

What is the Dark Web?

Dark Web, DarkNet, Silk Road, Tor, bitcoins....what does all of this mean? Find out in this beginner's guide to the Dark Web.

Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee is one of the most important people behind the history of the Web as we know it today. Learn more about Tim Berners-Lee and how the World Wide Web got started.

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