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Yahoo OMG

Yahoo OMG Entertainment News


What is Yahoo OMG?

Yahoo OMG is a fun entertainment portal where you can find celebrity news, photos, and gossip.

What does OMG stand for?

OMG stands for "oh my god" or "oh my gosh". It's a popular slang term especially in chat rooms or phone text messaging.

What does Yahoo OMG have to offer?

You can find the latest celebrity gossip on the OMG home page; you can also check out OMG Hot Topics, OMG Celebrities arranged alphabetically, and assorted entertainment news from various wire services (AP, Reuters) over at OMG News.

Why should I visit OMG Yahoo?

While I noticed that the celebrity gossip isn't as frequently updated as other gossip sites such as Oh No They Didn't! or TMZ, they do a good job of archiving a ton of information about your favorite celebrity or gossip scandal. It's not the first place I would go for gossip, but it's a good supplement.

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