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Forums: How to Find Your Online Community


Message boards and forums are the place to go if you love to discuss the latest news and world events, chew on the merits of Firefox vs. Internet Explorer, talk about being a mom, or anything else that might catch your fancy. There are a huge variety of message board and forum communities to choose from on the Web, and you're sure to find a group that shares your interests.

  • Google makes message boards easy to find. For example, type in the term “news” and you’ll be directed to sub-categories of news forums and message boards that are easy to join.
  • Yahoo also makes it easy to find a great forum. Typing in the search term “parent”, I came up with over 4,000 different groups to choose from.
  • Dmoz.org is a good way to start; from their home page, you can click on any of the subjects and find at least one mailing list, discussion forum, or message board included in the subject hierarchy.
  • BoardTracker: BoardTracker is a search engine dedicated to only sifting through forums and online message boards.
  • RootsWeb Message Boards: message boards dedicated to genealogy searches.

Use Search Engines to Locate Message Boards

In addition to the specialized resources listed above, you can simply use any search engine to find a message board:

(insert topic here) message board

and you'll see plenty of results. This works with pretty much any subject you'd like to explore.

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