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Ten Ways You Can Use The Web To Find Online News


Keeping up with the daily news on the Web is a snap. Here are the top ten ways you can search the Web for the daily news.

1. News Sources Online

Online news searches have become increasingly more streamlined and easy to do, since almost every search engine and directory offers instant access to a plethora of current daily news and world events.

2. Message Boards and Forums

Message boards and forums are the place to go if you love to discuss the latest news and world events, chew on the merits of Firefox vs. Internet Explorer, or anything else that might catch your fancy. There are a huge variety of message board and forum communities to choose from on the Web, and you're sure to find a group that shares your interests.

3. Breaking News Alerts

If you are at work all day without access to breaking news stories, or just out and about and want to catch the news as it happens, then signing up for breaking news alerts by email is for you. Most popular online news sources offer these email alerts as a free service when you register at their sites. Not only can you sign up for breaking news alerts, but you also have available to you comprehensive newsletters that you can customize to have only the news that interests you.

4. Topix

Topix is a combination news search engine and news aggregator. According to the site, "Topix.net is the Internet's largest news site, with over 360,000 topically based, micro-news pages presenting stories from more than 10,000 sources." Compare that to Google News, arguably Topix's biggest competitor with "only" 4,500 sources at the time of this writing.

5. World News

Following world news is easy now with the Web. You can get news from all over the world, from virtually every country. Here are some of the best sites to find world news.

6. News Archives

Are you trying to find information about a historical event? Looking for online archives for news, music, popular culture, or movie information? I've put together a good, basic list of online archives for you, with everything from the National Archives to Papyrus Archives (ancient Egyptian hieroglypics!) to Simpsons Archives.

7. Natural Disasters

Here are some of the best sites in which to find all kinds of natural disasters information, from breaking news to general information to history.

8. Online Newspapers

You don't have to go to the corner anymore in your bathrobe, or look for spare change under the couch cushions to get your daily news. Now, you can access your local daily newspaper by just a click of the mouse. This makes monitoring news locally even easier; and you can also see what other local newspapers are saying as well (without getting out of your pajamas).

9. Technology News

There are plenty of places on the Web where you can find up to the minute technology news on all kinds of interesting new technology, from digital camera technology to nano technology to Bluetooth technology. Here are a few of the best sources for technology news.

10. Radio Stations

Can't find anything good to listen to on your local radio stations? No problem - go to the Web and you'll be able to find no end to the great free online radio stations that you can find. Here are just a few where you can monitor the daily news and much, much more.

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