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Newspaper Search Engines

6 newspaper search engines, sites, and archives for every newspaper in the world


Whether you're looking for the latest newspaper headlines or an archived paper from years gone by, you'll be able to find it using the following six newspaper search engines and sites. These sites link to every newspaper on every continent and every country in the entire world, giving you links to small town papers right on up to the largest city news.

1. Newseum

Newseum offers updated front pages of newspapers using an interactive Flash-based map of the world. Simply click on the map point that corresponds to what area you're interested in, and you'll instantly see the latest news. You can view these pages in a Gallery or List format, as well as search through archived pages.

2. The Paperboy

Over 6300 daily newspapers from all around the world are available at the Paperboy website. View newspapers by country or by state, or browse the front pages of leading newspapers from all over the globe.

3. RefDesk

Newspapers at the RefDesk are nicely separated into sections: first, United States papers by state, then world newspapers by country, then national and worldwide news sites. You can also check out the searchable news archives.

4. Internet Public Library

The Internet Public Library displays newspapers from every state and every country similar to the other search engines and sites mentioned. However, click on a state or country, and each newspaper has a detailed blurb of information about that particular publication: its main subject matter, main language, frequency, features, etc.

5. Google News Archive Search

The Google News Archives offers all sorts of interesting historical content available for free, public searching - including newspaper archives. You can search for a historical event, or a concept, or a person of interest, and see how the object of your search has changed throughout time.

6. Library of Congress Newspaper Reading Room

The Library of Congress is a fantastic place to start your newspaper searches. General links to newspaper archives are presented first, but then comes the real treat: searchable, digitized archives of US newspaper indexes, morgues, and international newspaper archives.

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