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Six Ways You Can Use the Real-Time Web

Follow breaking news, find a conversation, dig under the buzz


What is the real-time Web? Basically, the real-time Web is simply a catchphrase for almost instant information, from conversations to news to collaboration. How do you find this content? Here are six ways you can use the real-time Web in your daily life.

1. Use the real-time Web as a search tool

When we use search engines, the results we see on the front page are not necessarily the most recent: they're just the content that has A)been up the longest B)been linked to the most or C)a combination of the two. However, they're definitely not results that have been posted in the last hour or so. How do you find this kind of content? Here are a few resources to help out:

2. Use Twitter as a real-time platform

Twitter is arguably the most well known real-time Web application out there. You can use Twitter as a launching pad for finding all sorts of real-time content.

3. Search conversations happening in real-time

If you've ever wanted to see what people are talking about all over the world, then the real-time Web is your new best friend.

4. Follow news events as they happen

Is there a news event you're interested in? Perhaps you're following an election, or a tropical storm, or maybe just a bit of gossip. No matter what the news event might be, you can use the real-time Web to get results much faster than you would any other mode of delivery.

5. Find people with the real-time Web

More people are online now than in any other time in history. If someone is online, you can (probably) find them.

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