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What is FaxZero?:

FaxZero is a free Web faxing service that allows you to send a free fax anywhere in the United States or Canada. It's a great, convenient option for those of us who don't need to send more than the occasional fax, and it's a nice alternative to driving down to the local office supply warehouse.

How does FaxZero work?:

FaxZero is very simple to use. Type in the sender's (that would be you) name, company, fax number, and email. If you don't have a fax number, you can enter in your phone number and it works just fine (I tried it myself). Next, you'll need to enter in the receiver's information: name, company, and fax number. You WILL need the person's fax number that you're sending this to; a phone number just won't do for the receiving number.

Click in any text you'd like to include to the sender, then the confirmation code (this is just to assure FaxZero that you are not a piece of software) then click "Send Free Fax Now". Your fax will go through in a matter of seconds with a confirmation email to you as soon as it's sent.

How do I actually send a document with FaxZero?:

Right under where you input the Sender and Receiver information, you'll see a space where you can select the file from your computer to upload to FaxZero to send (click the "Browse" button and find where the file is located on your computer). You'll have to enter in a confirmation code after you've uploaded the file; this is just to make sure you're not a robot. Last, but not least, you choose whether you need the FaxZero Free or Premium service. If you're only going to need to send one fax every so often, then you probably will be fine with the Free service, which offers three pages (plus cover) twice a day, for a total of two faxes every single day.

FaxZero Free Service:

Unless you fax a LOT of documents, the FaxZero Free Service is what you'll want to go with. Here's what you get with the Free Service:
  • Free!
  • Ad on the cover page
  • Fax 1 document—maximum 3 pages
  • Maximum 2 free faxes per day
Most people looking to use FaxZero will definitely only need to use the Free option.

FaxZero Premium Service:

If you like the convenience of FaxZero, but need more than the Free Service, you can check out the Premium FaxZero:
  • Just $1.99 per fax (Paypal)
  • No ad on the cover page
  • Fax 1 document—maximum 15 pages
  • Priority delivery
If you decide this is for you, click the button that says "Send 1.99 Fax Now" and you're off and running.

Why should I use FaxZero?:

FaxZero fills the need for people like me who don't fax documents more than once or twice every few months. It's a convenient (and free!) way to get paperwork where it needs to go.

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