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What is Genieo?:

Genieo is a service that pulls content you're interested in from all across the Web into one convenient place. It follows your Web browsing habits and tweaks what content is included in your page as it learns more about you and what you may want to look at. Genieo was founded in 2008 by Jacob Tenenboem and Sol Tzvi.

How Genieo Works:

Genieo is a free download that works in the background collecting and observing what you're doing on the Web. As Genieo learns more about you and your interests, it starts recommending content based on your Web searching/browsing habits. Genieo retrieves new content from you all across the Web and updates your personal homepage, or "hub", as content is made available.

Genieo becomes more attuned to your interests the longer you use it, automatically calculating where your interests lie and adding that content to your Genieo homepage.

Adding or deleting content on Genieo:

Manually adding content to Genieo is simple; Genieo automatically adds any site you're interested in, along with the RSS feed, so the content is pushed immediately to your homepage. You can control what is displayed on your Genieo homepage, so if you want a particular site to be front and center, you can do that, or, conversely, if you want a website to not show up on your Genieo homepage, you can block it from showing up.

Privacy and Genieo:

Since Genieo is a desktop application, hosted on your computer, information that Genieo uses is stored solely within your computer (rather than on the Web or in a remote location). This means that your information is secure and private.

Why should I use Genieo?:

Genieo anticipates your content needs, suggesting what you might be interested in based purely on your Web browsing habits. It's a fascinating way to explore the Web, since Genieo recommends people, Web sites, and services related to what you already like that you might not have otherwise discovered on your own.


Genieo creates a personalized hub of content based on what you're interested in from across the Web.
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