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iPhone Apps for Web Search

The Top Ten iPhone Apps for Searching the Web


The Apple iPhone, arguably the most popular smartphone on the market today, is an extremely useful tool, made even MORE useful with the iPhone apps: small software applications you can download to your iPhone. Here are the top ten iPhone apps for Web search; iPhone apps that will make your Web searches more streamlined, convenient, and effective.

1. Google

google iphone app

Any list of Web search iPhone apps would be remiss without mentioning Google. This multifaceted iPhone app features voice activated searches, geographical-specific searches, and quick access to the rest of Google's stable of useful Web tools such as Gmail, News, and Maps.

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2. Merriam-Webster Search

merriam-webster iphone apps
You can have the power of multiple dictionaries at your fingertips with the Merriam-Webster iPhone app. This very useful tool includes an extensive dictionary with audio pronunciations, a thesaurus, Spanish-English translations, and even a medical dictionary with audio.

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3. Powerset Wikipedia Search

wikipedia iphone app

Powerset Wikipedia Search is a must-have iPhone app. This innovative iPhone app lets you use natural language, i.e., keywords, phrases, or questions, aggregating information from several Wikipedia articles at once, if necessary.

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4. WorldCat

worldcat iphone apps
The WorldCat iPhone app searches multiple library systems at once and then finds it in your local library; it also locates informational products such as research articles and audiobooks that can be downloaded on your iPhone.

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5. MashSpots

mashspots iphone app
MashSpots is a local search iPhone app that you can use to find local businesses (up to four) around where you are located, without knowing the exact address. For example, say you want four pizza places within a five mile radius of where you're at; you can use MashSpots to do that.

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6. FastPriceCheck

fastpricecheck iphone app
Compare prices for any item using the FastPriceCheck iPhone app. Simply enter in the UPC number, and FastPriceCheck will fetch prices from a variety of online shopping sites, as well as reviews and product details.

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7. UrbanSpoon

urbanspoon iphone app
UrbanSpoon is a local restaurant review iPhone search app. You can use UrbanSpoon to find local restaurants by neighborhood, cuisine or price, find reviews from local newspapers, food blogs and fellow diners, even vote restaurants up or down according to your dining experience.

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8. FindIt

findit iphone app
Need to get driving directions, a map, or local attractions? FindIt is the iPhone app that searches these items for you and more: a phone book, movie listings, local events, etc.

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9. OctoFinder

octofinder iphone app
Search news from over 800 sources with OctoFinder, a news search tool that tags the stories as they come in so you can filter your searches accordingly.

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10. Britannica Mobile

encyclopedia britannica iphone app
Search the riches of the Encyclopedia Britannica with this resourceful iPhone app. You'll get access to the whole encyclopedia; images, soundbites, media, and much more. Over one million pages of content is available to you.

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