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Top Web Searches of 2007


Here's what people were searching for on the Web in 2007 compiled from a variety of search engines: Google, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, MSN, and Lycos.

1. Google Top Searches of 2007

google zeitgeist
Billions of searches were mined for the comprehensive Google Zeitgeist 2007, an in-depth look at what searches were the most popular on Google this past year. The iPhone, Vanessa Hudgens, and the Nintendo Wii topped the list.

2. Ask's Top Searches of 2007

Ask.com put together their top searches in quite an interesting way: it's a list of lists. There's the Top Searches (MySpace, Dictionary, etc.), Presidential Candidates (Barack Obama tops the list), Top Sports Searches (Red Sox), and more.

3. AOL Top Searches of 2007

aol search
What were the top searches at AOL? Weather made the top cut, with Britney Spears, American Idol, and Chris Benoit following close behind.

4. MSN's Top Searches of 2007

MSN had some interesting searches this year, and they've compiled them all into a nifty Top 100 list.

5. Lycos Top Searches of 2007

What was the number one search term at Lycos this year? Poker, followed by MySpace, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and golf.

6. Yahoo Top Searches of 2007

yahoo top searches
Yahoo put together a great list of their top search trends for 2007: they include Saddam Hussein, recycling, YouTube, and Harry Potter.

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