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Free Spyware Remover

Find a Free Spyware Remover On The Web


If you've ever had weird pop-up windows that just won't go away, hijacked browser settings, internet preferences inexplicably changed, or a very slow web search experience, than you've most likely been the victim of spyware, adware, or malware. All three of these terms mean pretty much the same thing: a program that monitors your actions, generates unwanted ads, and is installed on your computer without your explicit permission or knowledge.

If you are not careful, spyware, adware, and malware can take over your system, causing it to slow down and even crash. Here are a few programs that you can download for free from the Web that will remove spyware and adware from your system.

Free Spyware Removers

  • Adaware. I use this myself almost every day. It cleans your computer of adware and spyware, and is updated frequently. If you are on the Web for significant amounts of time (which I am), or have a constant uninterrupted connection such as cable or DSL, I suggest you sweep your computer using this tool at least twice a week. More would be better.
  • Spybot. Another good adware removal program that I use almost every day as well. SpyBot Search and Destroy is a great way to remove adware and spyware from your system.
  • Spyware Doctor offers a free trial and then is available for purchase for $29.95. Although I haven't tried this particular spyware remover, it has received high ratings from C-Net.

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