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Search Engines For Kids

Kid-friendly search engines and search tools


If you have children, or are a child yourself, then this list of search engines and other sites just for kids is for you.

Kid-Friendly Search Sites

  • Ask for Kids. Features games, homework help, and more.
  • Yahooligans. Yahooligans not only offers filtered search results, but entertainment, music, and movie news; as well as homework help.
  • Kids Search Tools. From the Ramapo Catskill Library in New York State, this site helps you think of search words for a particular topic, find basic information, look at websites just for kids, and helps you search sites specifically for educators. A great site.
  • Internet Search Engines for Kids. This is a tremendous site, with links to not only search engines specifically for children, but web guides for kids, specialized search sites such as Animal Search and How Stuff Works, and family friendly search engines.

Kid-Safe Search Filters

In addition to all the sites listed above, each major search engine and directory give you the option to filter their results.

A Few Search Engine Filters

  • Google Search Preferences. Tweak your Google results by using their filter and SafeSearch options.
  • Yahoo Family Accounts. Filtering information for Yahoo, as well as their take on safe surfing, safe online communication, and creating a family pledge.
  • Ask Advanced Search. Ask.com offers content filters; this should take care of "adult" searches.

In addition, here is a Guide to Kids Safety on the Web, a practical outline of what parents should do to safeguard their children when online.

More Kid-Friendly Web Resources

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