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Media Search: Find Images, Videos, Movies, Books, and More on the Web


Free movies, free videos, free books, free images, free games - you name the media, and it's probably available on the Web...for free, even! There's no end to the fun stuff you can find to watch, read, and use online.
  1. Free Movies
  2. Where to Find Free Videos
  3. How to Find Free Movie Trailers
  4. Watch TV Online
  5. Listen to Free Online Music
  6. BitTorrent Sites, Search Engines, and Tools
  1. Read Books Online for Free
  2. Free Images
  3. Take A Break With Free Games
  4. Breaking News
  5. Net Neutrality: The Freedom to Find Media Online
  6. Public Domain Resources

Free Movies

movie theater

Free movies? Yep - you can find plenty of free movies on the Web. There are literally hundreds of sites that offer Web searchers free watchable movies of all kinds.

Where to Find Free Videos

Short videos on virtually any subject - music, computers, news, you name it - can be found on the Web, and yes, they are all free. More sites than ever before in history offer high quality videos that are free to anyone with an Internet connection.

How to Find Free Movie Trailers

Movie trailers can be found all over the Web! You can watch the current box office hits, upcoming movie trailers, or take a walk down memory lane and watch movie trailers of years past.

Watch TV Online

You don't have to limit yourself to your living room in order to catch your favorite programs! Many TV programs, local TV news stations, and classic TV broadcasters have chosen the Web as their preferred distribution medium.

Listen to Free Online Music


There are a huge variety of places on the Web where you can find all kinds of free music - from rap to classical to country to polka.

BitTorrent Sites, Search Engines, and Tools

Torrents, or BitTorrents as they are also known, are part of a simple P2P (peer to peer) process that makes it easier to share large files of content; anything from movies to books.

Read Books Online for Free

More and more of your favorite books are showing up online, freely available for your downloading pleasure. Try a new classic novel, a sci-fi read, maybe some historical fiction...you'll be able to find all that and more.

Free Images

There are plenty of sites that offer royalty free images for your use (be sure to check each site for specific guidelines that they request you follow in order to use their images).

Take A Break With Free Games

Need a break? Try these free games for a minute and recharge your batteries.

Breaking News

The Web is the best place to find breaking news, newspapers from all over the world, and in-depth background on any news story you might read or hear about. Whether it's local news about your hometown football team you want, updates on college roomies, or information on local businesses, you'll be able to find it using these resources.

Net Neutrality: The Freedom to Find Media Online

net neutrality

Net neutrality is the core concept behind the freedom we enjoy to find all sorts of media and content on the Web.

Public Domain Resources

Public domain content, such as books, images, and music, is freely available on the Web.

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