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Web Search 101

Searching the Web is something you can do - and do successfully! Learn how to master the online world quickly and easily.
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  2. How to Use a Search Engine (9)
  3. How To.....Stay Private (6)
  4. How To....Find News (6)
  5. How To....Find Something (11)
  6. Google Tips, Tutorials, and Guides (7)
  7. Web Search Tips (107)
  8. Web Browsers (18)
  9. Internet Basics (15)
  10. How to Search the Web - Tutorials (17)
  11. Internet Connectivity (14)
  12. The Legal Web (7)
  13. History of the Web (10)
  14. Internet Stats (2)

What Is The Web?
Learn the basics of being on the Web: what a Web browser is, how we connect to the Internet, how we can use a search engine to find a website, and much more.

Web Help 101
If you're just getting started on the Web, it can be overwhelming. There are a lot of questions you might have, such as: Which search engine is the best? How do I find a website? What can I do to stay private?

Finding the answers to these questions isn't always easy, and it's easy to get discouraged. However, that's where the Ultimate Web Help Guide comes in. Each section here a…

How to Find a Website
There are literally millions of Websites out there, but how do you find them? Learn how to find a Website quickly and easily.

Web Search Made Simple
If you've ever been frustrated with your Web search results, today is your lucky day. Keep reading for a few simple methods that will make your Web search efforts faster, easier, and more efficient.

Web Search 101 - How To Search The Web
Learn how to search the Web with Web Search 101. Find search engines on the Web, search the Web more precisely, manage your searches, learn Web search tricks, and get Web search tips.

Web Search for Beginners - A Beginners Guide to the Web
The Web has so much information that it can be overwhelming to know exactly where to start. Find out how to get started fast on the Web with this quick start beginners guide to the Web.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Web Searchers
Want to be a more effective Web searcher seven different ways? Learn how to cultivate the seven habits of a highly effective Web searcher.

Web Search FAQ - The Most Popular Web Search Questions
Got some Web search questions you need fast answers to? Read my Web Search FAQ and get your answers easily.

Are You A Web Head? Quiz
Test your web searching skills with this fun quiz.

How To Search More of the Web - The Basics
There are a few tried and true web search methods that will work in virtually any search engine and directory.Here are the basics of how to search the Web.

Web Search Tools - Directories, Search Engines, Metasearch Engines
This article is a basic introduction to Web search, and I've also described the main differences between subject directories, search engines, and metasearch tools.

Find More on the Web with Free Online Courses at About Web Search
Need some help making your Web searches as efficient as possible? Pick one of the free online courses available at About Web Search and watch your Web search skills improve in no time at all!

Web Search 101 Free Online Course Wrap UP
The following list of articles cover all the topics discussed in Web Search 101: How to Search the Web, a free online course offered here at About Web Search.

Boolean Search: Making Search Smarter Since 1854
The term "Boolean search" isn't just a way to make yourself sound smarter than everyone else in the room; it's also an intuitive search methodology that can make your Web searches come alive. Learn how to use this venerated Web search query system.

Five Quick Ways To Find What You're Looking For Online
Most of us don't have a lot of extra time, and when it comes to Web searches, that time is at a premium! Here are five answers to common Web search problems.

Net Neutrality
If you access the Web, then you need to know about Net Neutrality. Learn more about this important issue and how it affects you as a Web searcher.

What year was the World Wide Web born?
Learn more about the early beginnings of the Web and how it got started.

Who Invented the Web?
Who invented the Web? Learn more about the origins of the Web, and who was behind this global phenomenon.

Search Engine Tutorials
Don't settle for halfhearted searches anymore! Energize your search engine queries with this list of the best search tutorials at About.com.

How Did The Web Get Started?
Learn more about how the Web first got started and early history of the World Wide Web.

A Short HIstory of the Web
See how far we've come in a short period of time with this brief profile of how the Web got started.

The World Wide Web and the Internet - Not the Same Thing
The Web and the Internet are used interchangeably, but they actually are not the same thing. Find out the differences between the Web and the Internet.

The World Wide Web: A History in Five Parts
Learn more about the fascinating history of the World Wide Web.

Do Search Engines Search The Entire Web?
While search engines can search portions of the Web, and even have large parts of it indexed, are they really able to search the entire Web? Learn more about search engines at About Web Search.

Twenty Five Years Of WWW: The Web Turns 25
The Web turned 25 years old in March 2014. Here's a few ways the Web has changed us all in the last 25 years.

How We Are Connected to the Web
How has the Web changed the way we connect with each other and technology in general?

Contact About Web Search
Information on Web search FAQ, including how to contact About Web Search.

Ten Tricks That Make Going Online A Little Easier
Streamline your online life with these smart shortcuts - learn how you can use your keyboard to do a reverse image search, weed out extra search results, and much more.

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