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How To Subscribe to RSS Feeds



Wouldn't you like to save some Web search time? Say you have roughly 50 sites that you like to visit on a daily basis. You head on over to your favorite site, hoping that it’s got something new for you since the last time you visited, but nope – you’ll just have to come back later, again and again, until the moment that particular site decides to put something new up. Talk about frustrating and time-consuming! Well, there's a better solution: RSS feeds.There are a few different ways by which you can subscribe to a site's RSS feed, and here they are.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: less than five minutes

Here's How:

  1. First, find a Web site that you'd like to stay updated on. Can't think of one? Check out the feeds available right here at About Web Search: Stay Up To Date With Web Search. There's lots of good stuff there.
  2. An orange feed icon is pretty much becoming the standard for feed subscription. If you happen across this symbol on the Web site that you wish to subscribe to, click on it and you’ll be subscribed to that particular site’s RSS feed; it will then start showing up in your feed reader of choice (a feed reader is simply an aggregator of RSS feeds; makes it easy to read them all in one place).
  3. Subscribe to this feed. Plenty of sites nowadays will give you a variety of options in order to get you subscribed via RSS to their site. You’ll either see it written out (“subscribe to this site”, for example) or you’ll see a list of feeder chiclet icons all smooshed together for easy access. Clicking on any of these links will enable you to be subscribed to that feed’s content.
  4. Subscribe via a feed reader button. Most feed readers have made it possible for you to do a “one-click” subscribe: you find a site you’re interested in, you notice that your chosen feed reader has an icon displayed, and you click on that icon. The process differs from reader to reader, but overall, the process is the same and pretty simple – you just click and you’re subscribed.
  5. Once you've subscribed to a site's feed, you can view updated content in your feed reader, which is basically a way to aggregate all your feeds in one handy place. It's super convenient, and once you realize how much time you're saving, you'll wonder how you ever got along without RSS feeds.

What You Need:

  • Your favorite Web sites
  • a good feed reader

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