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How to Write Good Web Content

Write Good Web Content For Your Site


If you want to attract more people to your Web site, you're going to have to woo them with good Web content.

Basically, that means you're going to have to make your writing not only compelling, but searchable. Sounds difficult, but it's not as hard as you might think.

Good Web Content - Keywords and Phrases

Before you get really going, you're going to want to figure out what are the keyphrases that you're going to target. Remember, you want to make your Web content both compelling and searchable, and coming up with a short list of targeted key phrases is part of that. Here's a few articles that can help you with that process:

Good Web Content - How To Write It

Writing for the Web is not that much different than writing for anything else: you need to make your copy interesting, you need to give it a purpose, and you need to give your readers a "call to action", whether that's buying something, signing up for something, etc. Again, here's a couple of articles that can help you write good Web content:

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