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Five Ways to Find Santa Claus Online

Jolly Old Saint Nick is on the Web - here's how to find him!


Need to have a chat with Santa Claus? Whether you're trying to get off the naughty list or you'd just like to hear his hearty "ho, ho, ho!", here are five different ways you can find Santa Claus online: you can tell him what you want for Christmas, ask him about those flying reindeer, or find out where all those cookies go every Christmas Eve.

1. Write a Letter to Santa Claus

Santa Claus loves letters, and is a huge fan of email. This list of Santa Claus letter sites will help anyone who wants to email Santa Claus personally.

2. Send a free, personalized video letter from Santa with the Portable North Pole

This site is probably one of the best on the Web for anyone who believes in Santa Claus and wants to hear from him personally. Personalize your video letter with details that only you and Santa Claus would know, and send it to someone who needs it....they'll be absolutely delighted.

3. NORAD Santa Tracker

The NORAD Santa Tracker, primarily active on Christmas Eve, is a fun way to "track" Santa Claus as he makes his way around the world with presents. The site includes videos, a fun kid's countdown, a cookie counter that tracks how many cookies Santa Claus has eaten so far, and even a reading of "The Night Before Christmas".

4. Get a personal phone call from Santa Claus

If you've got someone in your house that really needs to hear from Santa, you'll want to check out Send A Call From Santa, a free service that you can personalize and use to send a custom call from Santa himself to friends and family. This site is free. Just enter in your data (name, nickname, favorite food, what they want for Christmas, etc.), and you'll get a call from Santa within a short time.

5. Chat with Santa

If you've always wanted to bend Santa's ear, now's your chance with Santa Live Chat. You can rate your friends on the Naughty or Nice list, whisper your gift list, or just gossip with Santa about the North Pole.

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