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Email Search By Name

Use someone's name as a starting point for your search


Email Search By Name

Finding someone's email address is not usually accomplished with just one search, unless the person you're looking for has put their email address on the Web somewhere. The best way to find someone's email address is to start with a wide search and then gradually narrow it down using a variety of search tools.

In order to start an email search by name, simply input the person's name into your favorite search engine. Look at the results. Do they have a personal site? How about a blog? Are they on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or do they have a Google Profile?

Don't just stop at one search engine. Input the person's name into as many search engines as you can (you can find a list of over 100 search engines here). You can shortcut this process considerably if you add search engines to your Firefox toolbar.

Let's make this search more specific. You've used general search engines, and now it's time to move on to search engines that focus purely on people. Type your person's name into the following people search tools:

You'll also want to give MIT's email search tool a try; it searches for the name of a person, or the name of the organization that provides their access to the Web, and can bring back very specific results.

Still no luck? If, after using all these different search tools you're still coming up empty, you might have to cede defeat. Unfortunately, if someone has not publicly posted their email address online, it is quite difficult to track - especially if they do not use their given name as part of their email address. Don't give up hope, though: here are a few more resources for you to try:

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