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What is Groupon?:

Groupon is a localized shopping site that offers deep daily discounts. Groupon was founded in 2008 by Andrew Mason.

How Groupon Works:

The way that Groupon works is very simple: if a predetermined number of shoppers sign up for the offer of the day, that deal then becomes available to all; however, if that minimum is not met, then no one gets to take advantage of that specific offer. Local discounts on anything from groceries to museum memberships are offered in locales and countries all over the world.

How to Personalize Your Groupon Experience:

Groupon makes deals more relevant by asking for users' zip code, gender, and age. This enables users to see not only the deal that is specific to their town, but also deals that are part of their larger geographical area (for more about how Groupon uses personal information, see Personalized Deals FAQ).

Businesses and Groupon:

A business that uses Groupon can potentially gain much new business, since many Groupon users enjoy using the service to discover places in their local areas that they wouldn't have ordinarily patronized. For more on using Groupon for your business, read Groupon Works.

Groupon Extras:

Groupon offers many different ways to use its services, including Groupon gift cards, several different mobile applications, and Groupon meetups, gatherings of enthusiastic local Groupon users.


Groupon is a deal of the day website that aims to offer one discount from a business, service, or organization localized geographically in hundreds of cities all over the world.

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