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Lyrics: Nine Sites To Help You Find The Words To Any Song


How does that song go? Instead of guessing what your favorite singer is crooning into your ear, you can look up the lyrics for any song on the Web quickly and easily with the following websites.

1. LyricsMode

LyricsMode offers a song archive with more than 650,000 listings for more than 25,000 artists at the time of this writing. Search for song alphabetically by band, check the top 100 most popular pieces, or do a simple search by keyword, song title, or artist name.

2. LyricWiki

LyricWiki offers you a vast database of searchable songs. There are a number of ways you can search LyricWiki: by artist, album, song, genre, hometown, label, language, or compilations.

3. Sing365

Sing365 is a pretty busy site, but you can still use it to find quite a few songs that you might be looking for. Search alphabetically, by song title, or you can check out the Upcoming Releases front and center, a nice feature.

4. MetroLyrics

MetroLyrics features over 262,000 songs (that's quite a few), but even better are the various music categories that they have available, such as list of artists by music genre, Top 100 Most Popular, and Christmas music, which at the time of this writing spanned over 20 jam-packed pages.

5. SongMeanings

SongMeanings is a streamlined site that you can use to find the words to any popular song you might be looking for quite easily. You can search by song title, artist, or lyrical snippet.

6. LyricsFly

With over 500,000 songs in the LyricsFly database, you're almost guaranteed to find what you're looking for here. LyricsFly is extremely simple to use; you can search by artist, song, album, or, if you only know a bit of the song, by phrase.

7. AZLyrics

AZLyrics has been around since 2000. You can find words to songs here by using the keyword search, searching alphabetically, or browsing the Video section, where you can find lyrics for all the most popular music videos, a nice feature.

8. Lyrics Directory

Lyrics Directory is a simply designed site that gets you to the songs you are looking for in a hurry. You can search with a simple keyword search (artist, title, lyric snippet), or you can browse the top fifty most popular songs of the moment on the front page.

9. Lyrics Spot

Lyrics Spot not only has a sizable database of lyrics-over a million at the time of this writing-but they offer CD cover images of whatever artist you're looking for as well. Search by artist, album or song, browse the alphabetical directory, check out Lyrics Spot's top songs, or check out the Billboard Top 12 albums, with links to the words of the individual songs.

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