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Hash Tag


Definition: A hash tag is a way of organizing content, trending topics, and conversations on Twitter. Clicking on a hash tag will show Twitter users at a glance all the Twitter conversation on that particular topic; conversely, appending a hash tag to the end of a Twitter post (known as a "tweet") will add that tweet to the ongoing Twitter conversation about that topic. To create a hash tag of your own, just type the pound sign (#) next to a topic.

One of the most popular hash tags on Twitter is "#followfriday". This tag encourages Twitter followers to follow particular Twitter users recommended by the Twitter user appending the #followfriday hash tag to a tweet; i.e., @mercycorps @nytimes @ideagov #followfriday.

Examples of Twitter hash tags:
  • #education
  • #coupon
  • #followfriday

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