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The Top Google Searches of 2009

What did we search for this year? Find out!


Every year, Google releases a Zeitgeist of what countries all over the world have been searching for. Let's take a look at the top Google searches of 2009; for the purposes of this article we're going to focus solely on the top searches in the United States. Note: Clicking on the linked search results will give you background information on that particular search topic and why it was popular this year.

1. Google's Fastest Rising Searches in 2009

Google's Fastest Rising searches reflect events, topics, products,and people that made an impact on our collective search consciousness.

2. Google's Fastest Falling Searches in 2009

The fastest falling searches are those that might have been popular in 2008 (see The Top Google Searches of 2008 for more information), but quickly lost momentum in 2009.

3. Google News Fastest Rising Searches in 2009

These are the top news stories of 2009, as chosen by searchers just like you and me.

4. Google Image Search Fastest Rising Searches in 2009

It's always interesting to see what kind of images people are searching for; most of the time, they are directly linked to the top Web searches.

5. Google Book Search Fastest Rising Searches in 2009

More people are discovering just how useful Google Book Search really is, as reflected by the following searches.

6. Google Maps Fastest Rising Searches in 2009

How many of us have searched for a map or driving directions this year? Quite a few, judging from these results.

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