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What is FreeTube?:

FreeTube is a site that offers a wide variety of live Web TV channels online, completely for free. You can watch these channels right in your browser; you will need a couple of plugins, but most browsers have these plugins already installed (read FreeTube's in-depth tutorial on browser plugins if you need more help; it's very simple and easy to follow).

How FreeTube Works:

There are eleven FreeTube categories on the left-hand side. Click on any of these categories, and you'll see a number of channels under each one, anything from streaming news to adventure movies.

You can watch all of these channels right in your browser, and with very few exceptions, I found all of them to be of pretty high quality.

FreeTube Family Filters:

FreeTube carefully monitors adult content on their site. If you find something inappropriate while watching FreeTube, you can dismiss it immediately by clicking on the red X icon.


FreeTube streams (see Streaming Media for a brief explanation of this technology) TV and movie channels from all over the Web. FreeTube doesn't require any special downloads, and these multimedia offerings can be watched from within your Web browser.

There's a lot to see at FreeTube, and it's easy to get overwhelmed. If you're looking strictly for free streaming movies, I suggest the following:

  • Movies: FreeTube offers a great variety of movie channels offering anything from classic movies to recent blockbusters. All the channels are listed here; simply click on one that looks interesting, and you'll see multimedia content start playing instantly within your Web browser.
  • SiteMap: The organization of FreeTube is great, but if you want to see all the channels at once, then the SiteMap is the way to go.
  • Family Friendly: FreeTube does have a few channels that offer adult-oriented content, so if you'd rather not see that, then choose the Family Friendly option.

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