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Link TV


link tv

What is Link TV?:

Link TV aims to provide globally relevant, high-quality programming delivered to you right on your desktop. They specialize in content that you might not find somewhere else: documentaries, news and current affairs from all over the globe, world music, etc.

How do I search for what I want at Link TV?:

Link TV is organized so you can find what you're looking for without a lot of fuss. You've got a few options: Any of these search choices will get you to where you need to go at Link TV. Personally, I enjoy the Browse Programs option, because I can see everything I might want to watch all on one page.

How do I watch something at Link TV?:

All of Link TV's multimedia content is available to watch via streaming technology right in your browser. No special players are needed (you probably will need the most updated version of Flash, but most browsers come with that nowadays). Find the program you want, and just click the "play" button - you're all set.

Why should I use Link TV?:

Link TV is one of the most distinguished, high-quality, and easy to use streaming content sites on the Web today. I was hard pressed to find anything at Link TV that I wasn't interested in, plus, the site is so well-organized and dead simple to use that I found myself watching more programs the more I used it. I highly recommend tuning in to Link TV if you're looking for above average multimedia programming.

Link TV:

Link TV is one of the best places on the Web to find high quality programming: documentaries, news and current affairs from all over the globe, world music, and much more.

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