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What is Clicker?:

Clicker is an incredibly useful Web site that aims to centralize all the free TV shows online into one convenient place, making it as easy as possible for Web searchers to find what they're looking for, whether that be TV, movies, or music.

How do I find TV shows with Clicker?:

Web searchers have a number of ways they can find multimedia content on Clicker, the most straightforward being simply typing the name of a TV show into the main search bar. Click the drop-down menu for "Browse", and you'll see multimedia organized into a huge variety of sub-collections under the headings of TV, Web, Movies, etc. You can also search via Categories, what's popular, via networks, or see what's streaming live at any given moment.

Can I save TV shows for later with Clicker?:

One of the more useful Clicker features is the Clicker Queue, a simple way to save all the interesting programs you come across on Clicker that you'd like to watch later. You can choose to share your profile with other people, keep track of what you've watched, and even give ratings to your favorite shows; incidentally, rating what you watch helps Clicker make more personalized recommendations to you as you use Clicker more often.

Is Clicker free?:

Everything on Clicker is free. There is no charge to use this service.


Clicker is a Web site that aims to help Web searchers sort through the myriad of free multimedia programming available on the Web, centralizing all this content into one convenient place for easy watching.

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