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Movie Previews: The Top Eight Sites Where You Can Find Them


Movie trailers - quick previews of the basic plot of a movie - are a fun way to get excited about a movie that is coming soon. The following sites are the best ones on the Web for watching movie previews, both past and present.

1. Apple

apple movie trailers
Apple's site features mostly current and upcoming movie previews, all of them in extremely high quality.

2. Trailer Addict

trailer addict
You can find current movies, upcoming movies, and the top ten most popular movie previews at Trailer Addict.

3. Coming Soon

coming soon
Get movie previews, insider information, and the latest movie gossip at ComingSoon.net, one of the most popular entertainment sites on the Web.

4. FirstShowing.net

You can find the latest movie trailers at FirstShowing.net; I like how each preview comes with lots of background information and actor resources so you can get more of an idea of what the movie is about.


imdb movie trailers
Whether you want to watch a movie trailer that's the latest thing, or a movie synopsis from the 1920's, you'll be able to find it at IMDB Movie Trailers. Organized alphabetically, or you can also search via decade, year, or movie title.

6. Yahoo Movies

yahoo movies
Not only can you get the latest movie info at Yahoo Movies, they also offer quite a few in HD (high definition) for your viewing pleasure.

7. GameTrailers

Video games, especially those with a lot of hype behind them, tend to have their very own special previews. GameTrailers is the place to find them.

8. Turner Classic Movies

Turner Classic Movies is a fantastic site with hundreds and hundreds of old movie previews, clips, posters, information, and more. You can go directly to the Trailers section to find the old movie that you're looking for; they are organized alphabetically by title.

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