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Movie Download Tools

The Top 14 Free Movie Download Tools


Everyone loves movies, especially free movies, and many people like to download the movies they find on the Web to their own computers or other multimedia devices. This list of free movie download tools can help you convert and download movies easily; there are a wide variety of free utilities here that should work for whatever movie or system you're working with.

1. KeepVid

KeepVid is a simple tool you can use to download videos you find on the Web, such as at Youtube, Google, Metacafe, etc., to your computer. You'll need the URL of where the video is found; just copy and paste that URL into the KeepVid toolbar and the video will be downloaded to where you specify on your computer.

2. Vixy

Vixy converts videos from Web video sites such as YouTube into a format you can watch on your iPod. For more on Vixy, you'll want to read this excellent tutorial: How to Add YouTube Video to iPod Using Vixy.

3. Video Downloader

video downloader
Video Downloader allows you to download movies and videos from dozens of popular video sites right on to your computer. No software downloads necessary; simply copy and paste the URL of the video you'd like to save into Video Downloader's toolbar, and your video will be downloaded in a matter of minutes.

4. Zamzar

Here's how Zamzar works: select the file on your computer or the URL from which you'd like to convert (up to 100 MB is free, more requires an annual fee), choose what file format you're interested in, and your file will be emailed to you when it's done.

5. MediaCoder

MediaCoder handles audio formats as well as video formats, plus, it can tackle more than one file at once. MediaCoder compresses large files, converts files for a wide variety of playback devices - it can even repair compromised files. MediaCoder is a free download.

6. Super

Super, a free tool for multimedia file conversion, is a fantastic (free) download that you can use to convert any video or movie you might find on the Web to a more watchable format. Super is extremely easy to use and supports a long list of file formats.

7. DVDShrink

DVDShrink is a backup utility that you can use to make a backup copy of any DVD you have in your library, bypassing encryption and "extra" stuff you don't need (titles, deleted scenes, etc) or simply copy that DVD onto your computer for playback later.

8. iPodifier

Anyone who owns an iPod will love iPodifier. It's a free application that actually automates the process of getting videos onto your iPod by checking video sources - Tivo,video search engines, etc. - and automatically loading this content onto your iPod in a compatible format.

9. HandBrake

You can use HandBrake to convert your DVD library to digital format onto your machine or convert a video that you find on the Web into a format that you can view on your computer, iPod, or television; plus, HandBrake supports multiple file conversion, a real timesaver.

10. Video Converter

avc video converter
Video Converter is a multi-tasking file conversion utility that you can use to convert almost any file you find into a format that you can watch on your portable media player or computer.

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