1. Technology
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Free Movies Online for Kids

Five Sites for Great Free Movies for Kids of All Ages!


The Web is a fantastic resource for finding all sorts of great free movies, and free kids movies are no exception. Here are five sites for finding free movies online for kids, from animated specials to free, full length films.

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1. Hulu

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Hulu is one of the most popular video sites on the Web with good reason: massive programming choices, high quality videos and movies, and frequently updated selections. Visit the Genres page for a quick glimpse at everything Hulu has to offer.

2. Joost

Joost offers a wealth of free movies and TV shows, especially classic TV shows such as "Mr. Magoo", "Rocky and Bullwinkle".


3. YouTube

Free videos, TV shows, and movies for kids abound on YouTube; however, savvy parents probably want to stay in close proximity to kids as they look for content here, as many videos are uploaded that are not family-friendly.

4. OVGuide

OVGuide links to thousands of free movies, TV shows, and videos from all over the Web, offering selections in categories from Animals to Technology. It's well organized and the multimedia content here is of consistently high quality.

5. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive's Moving Images library offers a fascinating wealth of all sorts of free movies and TV shows, anything from Animation & Cartoons to Videogame Videos.

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