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File Dropper


file dropper

What is File Dropper?:

File Dropper is an extremely simple to use free file hosting site.

How do I use File Dropper?:

File Dropper couldn't be easier to use. Navigate to File Dropper. Click the large "upload" button. Find the file you'd like to upload, and click "open". Your file will upload, and you'll get a unique URL you can use to share it with other people.

What can I use File Dropper for?:

You can use File Dropper to share a large file with someone that won't fit in an email message, store a backup of a particular file you'd like to keep track of, share a file with multiple people, etc.

Is File Dropper free? :

Yes, basic usage of File Dropper is absolutely free. If you plan on using File Dropper often, you might want to look into getting a premium account.

What is File Dropper?:

File Dropper is a streamlined free file hosting site you can use to upload and store large files.

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