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What is Megaupload?:

Megaupload is one of the largest file hosting/file sharing sites on the Web today.

What can I use Megaupload for? :

People use Megaupload for a variety of reasons, including:
  • sharing large files that can't be sent via email
  • backups for data, such as a big term paper or work project
  • content distribution to a group of people
  • access to files at other computers than your home machine

There are probably more uses for Megaupload than these; it's an incredibly versatile and useful site.

How do I upload files to Megaupload? :

On the Megaupload home page, you'll see two fields: one labeled Browse, the other Send. Click the Browse button to find the file on your computer that you'd like to upload.

Once you do that, enter a description for your file in the Send field. Click Send to upload your file.

Once your upload is complete, you'll see a link. You can use this link to share this file with others. When other people click on this link, they'll have to type in a code (just to verify you're a real person). File downloads are free if you're a "regular user"; you can choose to pay for "premium user" status (fees vary) if you download often.

Can I use Megaupload to search uploaded files?:

Unfortunately, no. Megaupload does not allow access to uploaded files. However, if you become a Premium User, you receive access to the top 100 public files, according to number of uploads and downloads.

There are file hosting/file sharing search engines that allow you to search public files - you can check them out at Rapidshare Search Engines. Most of these search sites don't just search Rapidshare, but a number of other file hosting sites as well.

What kind of files can I upload to Megaupload?:

You can upload any kind of file to Megaupload, as long as it's not copyrighted or pornographic in nature.

What is Megaupload?:

Megaupload is a popular site that you can use to upload files and share them with other people.

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