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Google Maps

Ten Great Google Maps Resources


Google Maps, one of the most popular mapping applications on the Web, is useful for planning trips, creating driving directions, or just taking in a bit of sightseeing. Here are ten Google Maps resources you can use for all of these things, and more.

1. Google Maps Mashups

Some very talented people have put together a variety of fun Google maps using the free Google Map API. Here are just a few of the Google Map sites I was able to find on the Web.

2. Google Maps API

The Google Web APIs service is a beta web program that enables developers to easily find and manipulate information on the web.Google Web APIs are for developers and researchers interested in using Google as a resource in their applications.

3. Nighttime for Google Maps

Here's a beautiful tweak with Google Maps that shows the world at night. Overlays also include Day, Dusk, Day Map, Dusk Map, and Night Map.

4. Google Maps Hybrid

Can't decide between looking at a map of your house or a photo of your house? See both at once with Google Maps' Hybrid mode, available in the US, Canada, the UK and Japan.

5. Google Maps Walking Directions

Simply type in the address you'd like to walk from and to, and you'll see a link for "walking directions".

6. How to Add a Google Map to Your Web Page

Have you seen a blog or a website that has a cool embedded Google map? And have you wondered how they did it?

7. Google Satellite Maps

Google now has satellite maps available of almost anywhere in the world, including Beijing, China, Cairo, Egypt, and Cannon Beach, Oregon.

8. Google Mars Maps

Take a tour of Mars with Google Maps.

9. Google Moon Maps

Take a historic walk on the moon with Google Moon.

10. Google Maps Census Hacks

The owner of this mashup combined Google Maps and US census information for a very informative site.

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