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A Comprehensive List of Advanced Google Search Pages


Google offers a wide variety of services in addition to the ever popular search engine. Most of these services come with their very own advanced search tools. This list is intended to be a comprehensive guide to these advanced search services.

1. Google Advanced Search

Google's advanced search for basic Web searching offers a variety of filters, including by date, proximity, and file type.

2. Google Earth

Google Earth doesn't offer an advanced search page per se, instead, they offer a series of in-depth tutorials that can help you figure out how to search for nearly anything all over the world using this innovative program.

3. Google Insights

Google Insights looks at different search patterns across a variety of different categories. You can use Google Insights Advanced Search to further filter these categories.

4. Google Blogs

Filter blog results by author, publication date, content, and language.

5. Google Code

Google Code is a specialized search service that searches only code-related content (developers, programming, devices, operating systems, etc.). Browse the Product Directory, Open Source, or All to get an idea of what Google Code has to offer.

6. Google Labs

Google Labs is Google's public laboratory of new products and services. Check out the side columns for search filters related to current product information.

7. Google Products

Google Products is a shopping search tool. Filter results by content, product description, and price.

8. Google Books

Google Books offers one of the best advanced search filters, with options such as Content, Language, Title, Author, Publisher, and Publication Date.

9. Google Video

Google Video's advanced search gives users the ability to search several different video sites at once, with filters ranging from Duration to Subtitles.

10. Google Scholar

Google Scholar, a service that searches only scholarly materials (like peer-reviewed articles and scientific journals), offers an advanced search tool with filters that narrow search results by Author, Publication, Date, and Collections.

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