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How to Make Firefox More Secure


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Getting Rid of Popup Ads
How to Make Firefox More Secure
One of the most well-loved features about Firefox is its ability to block pretty much any popup window. Let's go through some of the basic settings here. You'll need to navigate a bit differently: start at Tools, then Options, then Web Features.
  • To begin with, you'll notice that the default for popup windows is to block all of them. You should keep this ticked off. However, there are a few sites out there that have appropriate uses for popup windows (that is, other than annoying ads), so let's go through how you would let these legitimate popups through the filter.
  • If there is a site that you would like to enable popups, click on the Allowed Sites button to the right of the Block Popup Windows Option.
  • You'll see a window now where you can type in the name of the site you'd like to allow popups. Write it in the format of "www.site.com". Then, click OK and you're all set.
  • You have the option to remove any site that you add to this list; simply navigate your way back in here the same way you came, and click on the Remove Sites button on the bottom of the window.
One note of caution: popup windows aren't the only way that sneaky advertisers can get their spyware installed onto your machine. Be safe rather than sorry, and run spyware removers on a regular basis.

Note: This is just a small taste of how you can personalize Firefox to your own unique needs and preferences. For a much more detailed treatment, take a look at Web Browsers, a comprehensive hub of anything to do with Web browsers, browser security, and updates.

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