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Online Layaway Sites

Five Sites That Offer Online Layaway Programs


Want to ease your budget a little? Try online layaway, a new Web phenomenon that is gaining traction in a struggling economy. Here are five sites where you can find information about online layaway, shop direct for the things you need, and give your budget a breather.

1. Kmart Online Layaway Program

Logo of the American department store Kmart, a subsidiary of the Sears Holding Corporation, in use since 2004.
Kmart/Extracted from [1] by Kalel2007, originally hosted at the English Wikipedia./Public Domain
The Kmart Online Layaway program gives shoppers the option to put selected items in their online catalog on layaway.

2. Sears Online Layaway Program

sears online layaway program
The Sears online layaway program is similar to an in-store layaway program, except you can use the Sears website to shop for your items and make the layaway payments on the Web instead.

3. Lay-Away.com

Lay-Away.com is a site that offers online layaway plans for a variety of different products, ranging from appliances to camcorders.

4. eLayaway.com

eLayaway.com is a Web-based clearinghouse for over 1000 different companies offering layaway plans for shoppers.

5. Layaway-Travel.com

Layaway-Travel.com is a unique Web-based program that allows shoppers to put vacations they put together online on a layaway payment plan.

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