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15 Ways To Save Money on the Web

Save Money with Deals, Bargains, and Coupons


No matter what your financial situation may be, it's always a good idea to learn new ways to save money. Find out how you can utilize the power of the Web to save money, find good deals, and improve your financial status.

1. How to Find Cheap Gas

With gas prices getting as high as they are, it's a good idea to do a bit of Web research first in order to find lower gas prices in your area.

2. Choose a Cheaper Cell Phone Plan with BillShrink

BillShrink is a free service that recommends the very best cell phone plan for you and your unique needs.

3. Use the MapQuest Road Trip Planner

MapQuest has added a new useful feature - the Multi-stop Route Builder - that allows you to plan a road trip with multiple stops.

4. Organize Travel Plans with Tripit

Tripit is your own personal travel assistant that can make your travel time more efficient and more enjoyable.

5. Find the Best Sites for Cheap Flights

There are plenty of places you can find great deals on cheap flights online. Here are a few sites to help you out.

6. Check for Amazon Coupons

You can find exceptional bargains via Amazon coupons that can add up to some pretty significant savings.

7. Shop Online

Save some serious gas money and go shopping online instead. Most sites offer free or reduced-rate shipping as well.

8. Shop Locally

You can compare prices from local stores with Yokel, a shopping search engine that grabs prices of products from stores in your local neighborhood. For instance, my search for mp3 players within five miles of Portland, Oregon brought back a whole bunch of results, all within driving distance.

9. Look for Free Online Coupon Codes

Check out my list of the best sites to find free online coupon codes for both online and offline stores - you'll be able to save some serious money and find some great deals.

10. Play the Grocery Game

Save some serious money the next time you go food shopping with the Grocery Game, a site that gives you all sorts of tips for making your grocery budget stretch further.

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