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Celebrity Gossip: The Top Ten Sites On The Web


Need a little distraction? Love catching up on the latest celebrity news, gossip, and information? You'll enjoy these picks for the top ten celebrity gossip sites! Track your favorite actors and actresses, see what's new in the world of movies and television, see what celebrities are wearing, or just enjoy a little bit of snark.

1. Oh No They Didn't

oh no they didn't
Oh No They Didn't (ONTD for short) is a community driven celebrity gossip site, with members submitting items from all sorts of entertainment venues (gaming, music, breaking news, celebrities, scandals, etc.) on virtually any topic all throughout the day. Most of the time, ONTD will have breaking information before you'll see it anywhere else - which is why it's on this list.

2. Perez Hilton

perez hilton
Entertainment news doesn't get much more dishy than with Perez Hilton, the self-proclaimed "queen of all media." Hilton started a small blog several years ago and it all went downhill from there. Updated many times a day, this site is where entertainment industry insiders go to get the good stuff.

3. Gawker

gawker celebrity gossip
Gawker has a unique New York take on celebrity news, aiming its unique blend of snark, snobbery, and wit at popular entertainment figures, political standouts, and socialites.

4. Dlisted

dlisted celebrity gossip
Michael K. over at Dlisted delivers consistently hilarious (and off-color!) celebrity news and commentary. Always wickedly funny with off-color humor, Dlisted is where to go when you really want to see the comedic side of celebrities.

5. The Superficial

the superficial celebrity gossip
The Superficial dishes up daily celebrity news with lots of great candid pictures and snarky comments. If you like photo galleries, especially from awards shows, you'll find them here.

6. TMZ

TMZ celebrity gossip
Always controversial, always full of celebrity news, TMZ is one of the most popular entertainment sites on the Web today due to aggressive reporters and amazing scoops. TMZ is infamous for breaking news before most other outlets.

7. Pink Is The New Blog

pink is the new blog celebrity gossip
Trent of Pink Is The New Blog dishes out celebrity gossip and personal tidbits in an intimate and endearing way; he has a great talent for making you feel part of what is going on rather than just merely being a spectator.

8. People

people celebrity gossip
If you like People magazine, then you'll love the People website - tons of celebrity news, behind the scenes candids, and loads of exclusives you won't find anywhere else.

9. PopSugar

popsugar celebrity gossip
Find celebrity news on all your favorite stars at PopSugar, a witty site that pokes gentle fun at Hollywood. You'll find breaking content here as well as thoughtful features.

10. Go Fug Yourself

go fug yourself celebrity gossip
You'll never look at celebrity fashion mistakes quite the same way after checking out Go Fug Yourself, a site dedicated to the truly horrible clothing disasters that sometimes go walking down the red carpet.
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