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7 Russian Search Engines

Search Engines You Can Use To Search Russian-Specific Content


Russian search engines are search engines that focus specifically on Russian-specific content. You can use the following search engines and Web directories to find specific information on Russian resources, historical events, country demographics, people, and much more.

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1. Yandex

Logotype of Yandex in English
Art. Lebedev Studio/http://api.yandex.com/direct/doc/yandex-directapi-dg.pdf/Public Domain
Yandex gives you a lot of nice options, including the ability to search global or Russian-specific results. You can also search within your search query, narrowing or widening your topic. Yandex encourages natural language search queries; in other words, you can ask Yandex a question ("why is the sky blue?") and you'll get instant answers.

2. Bing

Bing has a Russian language version of its search engine available, with results offered in both English and Russian. On-page translation of individual search results is also available.

3. Google

Not only does Russian Google offer all the search features that we know and love (see Twenty Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Google for a more complete overview), but you can also take advantage of a Russian language keyboard right there within your browser. It's available by clicking the tiny keyboard icon within the search bar.


DMOZ, also known as the Open Directory Project, offers a comprehensive directory of human-vetted sites in such categories as Business, Science, Travel, etc.

5. Rambler

Rambler is a search engine and a search portal, offering the latest news and weather on the front page, much like Yahoo or AOL.

6. Refer.ru

Refer.ru is a Web directory of handpicked sites in a wide variety of both usual and unusual categories, anything from State Policies to Home and Family to Show Business.

7. Rootle

Rootle's search results give you an instant preview of the page, which can save you some search time.

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