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Bing Shopping

Bing Shopping

Online shopping is a major activity on the Web; in fact, more people today are shopping on the Web than ever before in history. Bing knows this, and makes the shopping experience as easy and convenient as possible.

My search for "ceiling fans" returned results grouped by best match, best user ratings, or price. I had the option of following their related searches and search refinements on the left as well.

The best thing about this shopping search? Cash back, as in literally cash back in your pocket. Shop at the stores that you find here with the cashback option, and you'll make some money. Amazon's short-lived search engine A9.com did this with limited success way back when; I expect Bing to be much more successful.

Bing - Worth A Look

In conclusion, I was pretty impressed by Microsoft's latest venture into the search market. It delivers fresh, relevant, and easy to follow results, and is definitely user-friendly. The search channels (Travel, Shopping, Images, etc.) send you right to the resources you want, the various search refinements (Instant Answers, Rich Results, Quick Tabs) are actually quite useful and don't require a degree in computer science to figure out, and it's easy on the eyes (not too simple, not too cluttered).

The best thing about Bing? You don't have to go all over the Web to get what you're looking for. The search tool attempts to keep your search results all in one convenient place so you can see all the information you need at a glance (something that other search engines need to emulate). Overall, it is surprisingly innovative, filtering out the "fluff" on the Web so you can get to what you want. I highly recommend it.

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