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What is DuckDuckGo?:

DuckDuckGo is a useful search engine with quite a few different search tools and features that can make your searches efficient, powerful, and relevant. DuckDuckGo was created by Gabriel Weinberg in 2008.

Useful features of DuckDuckGo:

DuckDuckGo brings back similar results as many other search engines on the market; however, DuckDuckGo offers a few features that are worth a second look for the savvy Web searcher. For example:
  • DuckDuckGo's results pages are not paginated, making it easy to scroll down and find what you're looking for quickly.
  • Favicons (the small images that show up in address bar, unique to each site) are displayed next to search results for instant recognition of your favorite sites.
  • Instant answers, called "zero-click info", show up delineated by a red outline at the top of your results, depending on what your search query is.

DuckDuckGo search shortcuts:

DuckDuckGo gives searchers the ability to search within any site, using either the dropdown menu next to the main search box, or the "bang" search shortcut (an exclamation point used in tandem with the name of the Web site). There are hundreds of DuckDuckGo bang shortcuts, covering a wide multitude of sites varying in topics from Research to Entertainment.

In addition to advanced site search, DuckDuckGo offers what they call goodies, an intriguing array of all kinds of search shortcuts, anything from special keyboard shortcuts to specialized cheat sheets.

DuckDuckGo add-ons and tools:

DuckDuckGo gives searchers a nice variety of search tools from which to choose from; i.e., official apps and add-ons for smartphones, Firefox, and all sorts of really useful search tools that utilize DuckDuckGo's unique search results.

DuckDuckGo's privacy policy:

DuckDuckGo's privacy policy is worth reading, simply because it goes much further than most other search engine in terms of keeping Web searches absolutely private (read Search Engines and Internet Privacy for a quick look at more search engines' privacy policies). DuckDuckGo promises Web searchers that it will not collect, store, or share personal information, and it goes to great lengths to back up those promises.


DuckDuckGo is a search engine that offers quite a few useful features for Web searchers; add-ons, streamlined shortcuts, and "zero-click info", i.e., instant answers depending on the nature of the search query.

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