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25 Things You Can Do With RSS

Use Really Simple Syndication As A Web Search Shortcut


RSS, a simple technology that makes content come to you, can be used literally hundreds of different ways to simplify your life. Here are just 25 different things you can do with RSS. Not sure what RSS is? Read my article titled RSS Feeds and How They Work.

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  • All your Apple feeds in one place
  • All your Microsoft feeds in one place
  • Subscribe to ANY tag at del.icio.us, from DIY to Geek.
  • Get the most interesting photos from the last seven days at Flickr
  • Subscribe to any list that looks interesting to you at Listible
  • Get the most popular downloads of the week at PCWorld
  • Find out what CNet has been up to
  • Download the latest software updates at Version Tracker
  • Get the latest technology news from CNN
  • See what's happening at Techmeme


There are a lot more uses for RSS than just fifty, but this is definitely a good start! More will be added periodically. Still not sure about this whole RSS thing? Here's a few articles that will help:

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