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Free Halloween Desktop Wallpaper

Scary, spooky, and silly!


Spruce up that boring desktop with a few of the best websites out there for great Halloween designs. Whether you're looking for cute, silly, scary, or downright macabre, you'll find what you're looking for with these websites.
  • PixelGirl: You can find plenty of free Halloween wallpapers here at PixelGirl, but the best thing is that they're all so gorgeously done.
  • 100 Free Wallpapers: Lots of stuff here that's just right for the kids: pumpkins, bats, cats, and more.
  • Amercian Greetings Free Halloween Wallpaper: Some very well done free Halloween wallpapers here; a white chocolate pumpkin, ghosts, and other interesting designs.
  • Jigetiser Wallpaper: Extremely well done jack o'lantern wallpaper.
  • BlackDog Free Halloween Wallpaper: Lots of different designs here, and each one is available in three different resolutions so it will fit just right.
  • Free Halloween Wallpaper and More: There are a whole lot of great Halloween wallpaper designs here, anything from cute kittens to scary skeletons.
  • Billy Bear's Free Halloween Wallpaper: Just right for the younger set; candy corn and pumpkins.
  • VladStudio Free Halloween Wallpaper: Simple, yet effective: a giant grinning jack o'lantern.
  • 50 Remarkable Nature Desktop Wallpapers: These gorgeous wallpapers are from the photo collection of the images taken during Microsoft's Windows Vista photoshoot, which means that they are utterly and completely beautiful, each and every one of them.
  • InterfaceLIFT: Hundreds, if not thousands, of high-resolution free desktop wallpapers can be found here. This is usually the first place I go to get what I'm looking for, and I haven't come across anything I don't like yet.
  • Pixelgirl: PixelGirl focuses more on the artsy craftsy side of free desktop wallpapers, and they have some very talented artists that regularly contribute free wallpapers to the site.
  • Desktopography: Fantastic nature-themed free desktop wallpapers, with just a bit of Photoshopping twist. These are fascinating to page through.
  • Desktoptopia: Desktoptopia, a free desktop manager download for both Windows and Mac machines that automatically updates your computer with designer desktop designs as often as you want.
  • Free Desktop Themes: Tired of that boring old desktop? Here's my roundup of the best free desktop themes on the Web.

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