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International Search Engines

Search engines from all over the world


Many search engines deal specifically with local geographic regions, making their search results as niche as possible. Here are just a few of the international search engines you can use to search information from all over the world:
  • Search Engine Colossus: Over 327 countries and territories are represented here; also separated by category.
  • Yahoo International: interactive map showing where Yahoo has a search engine presence in the world; just click on the country that you're interested in.
  • Bloglines International: Nope, not a search engine per se, but Bloglines does help you find blogs and feeds that you might be interested in. Available in nine different languages.
  • Search Engines of the World: tons of international search engines here, all in alphabetical order.
  • Russian Search Engines: Russian search engines are search engines that focus specifically on Russian-specific content. You can use these search engines and Web directories to find specific information on Russian resources, historical events, country demographics, people, and much more.

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