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How to Look Up a Zip Code on the Web


Zip codes - numerical codes used to facilitate mail delivery - can be found and verified on the Web quite easily. Here are the easiest ways to find zip codes online.
  • USPS Zip Code Lookup: If you have an address (or partial address), you can look up the zip code here. You can also search by city, company, or find all cities in a particular zip code.
  • International Post Codes: This site (maintained by Columbia University) offers an extensive index of both domestic and international postal codes, as well as mailing acronyms, policies, and best practices.
You can also use various search engines to find zip codes; for example:
  • Google: Type in your zip code and Google will bring back what geographic location it belongs to, as well as maps and Web results.
  • Yahoo: Type in a zip code and Yahoo returns a map, the location of the zip code, weather, real estate, and pertinent Web results.
  • Ask.com: A zip code look-up at Ask brings back what city/locale it pertains to, maps, and local attractions (grocery stores, hotels, movie theaters, etc.).

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