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eBay Search Shortcuts


Whether you buy or sell on eBay, you'll probably have noticed that it can be a bit tricky to get around on this gigantic auction website. Here's a handy list of eBay bookmarks - eBay sections that searchers tend to visit over and over, in addition to eBay tools and services that are especially useful.

  • eBay Motors: One of the best places to find a new or used car.
  • eBay Coupons: great list of constantly updated eBay coupons.
  • eBay Stores: Finding eBay stores can be a bit of a chore unless you go directly to the eBay Stores home page.
  • eBay Buying: A great sitemap of all the eBay categories.
  • eBay Selling: Learn how to sell on eBay .
  • AuctionMapper:AuctionMapper is an extremely cool search engine that focuses only on eBay listings.
  • TypoHound: a great way to find misspelled auctions; you can find some good bargains this way.
  • eBay Pulse:"a daily snapshot of current trends, hot picks, and cool stuff on eBay." 
  • eBay and USPS: Order free Priority Mail boxes from the USPS for your eBay items.

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