1. Technology
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Definition: The term cyberbullying refers to any sort of bullying, disturbances, hassling, pestering, or outright persecution online. This irritating harassment is especially prevalent in social networking communities, but can also show up in blog comments, message boards, and emails.

As the Web has evolved and grown larger, so has the problem of cyberbullying. Most cyberbullies are never tracked, since it is relatively simple to stay anonymous online, and that anonymity also makes it more attractive to keep the bullying going for a longer period of time.

What can be done about cyberbullying? Here are some resources to help you or someone you know deal with cyberbullying:

Examples of cyberbullying:

A high school student Googles herself, and finds out that her classmates have built a derogatory site targeting both her and her family. The website invites classmates to comment on unflattering images of the student.

A young man trying out for his school's basketball team logs on to his school's message board to find hundreds of posts making fun of his tryout time.

A mother of a child with a rare genetic syndrome receives anonymous emails from his classmates making fun of his impaired speech and mental disabilities.

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