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Seven Free Web Tools You Shouldn't Go Without


There are a ton of great sites on the Web, but what about sites that can actually help you get something done? That's where this list comes in - boost your online productivity with my picks for the top seven free Web tools.

1. TinyURL

If you've ever tried to copy and paste a super long URL, only to have it break once you try to copy it, then the site Tiny URL is for you. Tiny URL shortens very long URLS into - you guessed it- tiny URL's that are way more manageable, not to mention easier to copy and paste.

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2. Google Drive

google desktop
Google Drive is one of the most useful free organization tools on the Web. I use Google Drive to find documents on my computer, organize content, and view news and other information on my machine.

3. Remember the Milk

remember the milk
You can use Remember the Milk to manage your tasks and send yourself reminders on virtually any platform; plus, it integrates incredibly well with Google's stable of productivity services.

Related: Get even more help with your organizing with Zirrus, a free Web-based organizational tool, or Xpad, a text editor tool just for Mac users.

4. Calendar Tools

online calendars
There is an incredible array of free, useful, interactive calendars on the Web that you can use to schedule events, manage your to-do lists, even share your calendars with other people. Read more in my roundup of the most productivity-enhancing Free Online Calendars.

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5. Gmail

Gmail is an incredibly versatile free email application. I use it to organize and archive email messages, store large files, and chate with other Gmail users.

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6. Feedly

Manage hundreds of RSS feeds with Feedly, a simple yet extremely practical feed reader that I use to organize articles, manage my feeds, and find new content that interests me.

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7. MyStickies

Save notes on your favorite Web sites with MyStickies, a Post-It note system you can use online: "To put it simply, MyStickies allows you to place little yellow squares of digital paper anywhere and everywhere you feel like in the whole wide web...While bookmarks store the title of a webpage and its link, they do little to help you find what was important about the page and why exactly you chose to mark it. MyStickies solves this problem by giving you the power to mark up the page the way you like, and a tool to find notes easily and efficiently." I use MyStickies to help me organize research notes and other information that I need to keep track of.

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