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Readers Respond: Have you sent a free fax online?

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I used

I used http://freefaxsoftware.net for sending free faxes online. Worked for me...
—Guest ben

Printavision is a scam

Printavision is a scam. Uploaded my document to be faxed, they charged me $.99, and then never faxed the document. I've called and emailed them for over a week, and I get no response. Luckily, I'm only out $.99.
—Guest Michelle


I have been with myfax for awhile. $10/month to send and receive but have been having problems with them receiving from some of my clients fax machines. They say the baud rate is too slow and suggest I call the client to have them change their fax baud rate. So I am looking for a new online fax provider.
—Guest dan

Internet fax only with Popfax

Thanks for post very useful. I found myself very well with internet fax provided by Popfax! Its working perfectly for me. Its reasonably priced. I have been using it for a year and half.
—Guest chapman

Fax Free

Fax Free doesn't work... I followed instructions carefully and each time I tried, the security code appeares to be incorrect, it drives me nuts, how can I make a mistake for a five-charcater code!!!
—Guest NothingFreeInThisWorld


Lots of people and companies use Popfax.com and have no problems. It offers different packages from free to big ones for enterprises. Also for free trial there is no need to write the credit card details, and so it cannot take you money.
—Guest Oceane

POPFAX is a thief!

I registered with POPFAX.com who recently extended their coverage for the USA. I wanted to warn the USA because this website is absolutely deceptive, and within a few clicks you could have money stolen from you like I did. Firstly, I just wanted to send a few simple faxes from my computer at my apartment since it was raining outside. I enter my credit card information to buy a 5 euro credit. I then received an email that my credit card would be charged with 24.99 euros. I immediately send an email to express my dismay, but I have not received a response. THEN, in hopes of researching the crime on my own, I continued to look on their website. I simply tapped on the option on the front page of a perspective order, and they automatically charged me for the order WITHOUT any confirmation, and they KEPT my credit card information WITHOUT permission. popfax.com is a thief. DO NOT USE!!!!!!!
—Guest Aure Cupot, Paris France

Great service with Axiatel

Great article. I had a look into other services available. I came across Axiatel. I was really pleased wih their service. I can send faxes to over 61 countries which is great beacuse a lot of my business affiliates are situated internationally. If anyone is interested to give it a try on their 30 day free trial go onto www.axiatel.com
—Guest Mia

fax zero good, also fax burner for phone

just used fax zero on my laptop today and it seems to have worked great. I also use fax burner on my iphone and love that program.
—Guest allisone

Absolutely wnoderful

Thank you so much, you really save me a whole lot of time. I used Popfax and it work. Although I tried scanR and it didn't work, couldn't figure it out too. but popfax did the magic.
—Guest Nelly


I fax at printavision.com. They have always been fast and reliable, they let you send unlimited faxes and you can receive fax for free. They also let you use their toll free number to get incoming faxes at no charge. http://www.printavision.com/fax.html
—Guest timber


Just sent three pages and it worked smoothly, this is perfect for an occasional fax.
—Guest snapshot

FaxitFast.com is Free for 30 days

Definitely some good suggestions for sending free faxes. I've been using FaxitFast.com for a few months and their service works perfectly. It's not 100% free, but they do offer a risk-free 30 day trial on their Fax 250 monthly plan. After the free trial, you get 250 inbound / outbound faxes on a dedicated fax number for only $5.83 /mo.
—Guest Email Fax


Doesn't work! Cannot use digit formats available. (0) takes up the room needed.
—Guest Robert


If you go to www.freepopfax.com you will get unlimited free faxes with no third-party ads (still has PopFax ads)! It's from PopFax but completely free (not a trial, completely free). It's awesome! Once again, the website for FreePopFax is www.freepopfax.com.
—Guest Joshua Todd Cowper

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