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Readers Respond: Have you sent a free fax online?

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I used Popfax

You can send a fax with Popfax, they have a free trial and you do not need to register your bank account for that. And if you like the service, than you can register with them.
—Guest Jorge


Fax4Free.net was recently created to allow users to send faxes for free, they support almost any file type you can throw at them, have the option to send to 28 different countries, allow multiple files, multiple destinations (batch fax), where the only requirement is the completion of ONE offer from a list provided after submitting your fax information.
—Guest Anthony


amazing it really saved me a lot of time.. I faxed to Japan and it arrived instantly.
—Guest Erika


no ads, fast, free and easy with 30 sec status checks. they also have $0.98 for 10 pages w/encrypted connection.
—Guest faxer

I use Popfax

Hello everyone, I tried http://www.popfax.com for free for a couple of days, then I signed with popfax and i am very happy with them. I never used online fax before, but now i would never go back to the fax machines again.
—Guest Anna

Myfax.com, faxzero.com

Myfax.com took so long to fax, which they charge you for, and faxes failed. faxzero says for $1.99 you can fax up to 15 pages, but it only gives you the option of three pages. Both, waste of time...

My Free Fax

I needed to send a fax to my husband at a hotel in USA. My Free Fax did a beautiful job. Easy to upload, crystal clear image, prompt delivery. Thanks got me out of a spot of bother
—Guest RB Brisbane

Free fax using Google Drive

50 Fax /month can be sent free using hellofax.com, we can also send documents from google drive using hellofax for more info see this article- http://newtechworld.net/how-to-send-fax-from-gmail-free-using-hellofax/

Printavision.com is no good

As guest Michelle said, Printavision.com is a rip off. No fax was sent. They never responded to my email inquiry. Since it was only $0.99 I will not pursue it. I figured out how to do it from my PC directly.
—Guest KB

try sendafaxfree.com

I used www.sendafaxfree.com they have no daily send limits and no fax page limits. they also support pretty much any file format.
—Guest Jim J

GotFreeTax was the cheapest for 30 pages

I haven't seen the output yet, but gotfreetax was the cheapest for 30 pages today, an claim no ad and do use shttp so it's a secure connection (which is really the biggest reason to use fax).
—Guest Crissa

faxzero limited their service...

Faxzero no longer sends longer faxes, making it somewhat of limited use; you can't pay for long faxes anymore. Used to be best, not so much anymore. myfax charges storage fees which aren't listed upfront and are ridiculously high.
—Guest Crissa


better than the others, no forced ad on cover page.
—Guest Guest


I used FaxOrama.com app for iPhone. I did not have any scanner or fax machine in hand. This app saved my day. I was able to take an image of my document and fax it using only my phone. Awesome free app.
—Guest BP

Online fax comparison

FaxCompare.com is a regularly updated website that compares and reviews pretty much all of the online fax services. The reviews include information about outages and customer services experiences. It's at www.faxcompare.com

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