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Readers Respond: Have you sent a free fax online?

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Doesn't work! Cannot use digit formats available. (0) takes up the room needed.
—Guest Robert


If you go to www.freepopfax.com you will get unlimited free faxes with no third-party ads (still has PopFax ads)! It's from PopFax but completely free (not a trial, completely free). It's awesome! Once again, the website for FreePopFax is www.freepopfax.com.
—Guest Joshua Todd Cowper


I sent a test fax to myself uploading a 2 pg .pdf file. The received fax was 30-40% banner ads (top, bot, right) and thus nearly unreadable. NOT RECOMMENDED for most uses.
—Guest ADL

FaxOrama & MyFax.com/Free : Both Good !

recently used www.myfax.com/free PRO : FREE to 41 Countries, send (9) pages + header, NO ADS ( exc: myfax.com on header page), 178 document types, Web-based, did I mention FREE? CON : the image quality of the received FAX is degraded and quite poor. Only 2 sends per 24 period. more info : http://www.myfax.com/free/FAQ.aspx
—Guest OldTechy

For FREE incoming fax's and FREE 888 num

For FREE incoming fax's and FREE 888 fax-phone number there is BetterFax.com. U will still need one of the FREE outgoing Fax's to have Complete Free Tax Service. Or for a fee, they have outgoing too
—Guest Jack

Fax Free did not work

I did all it said but it would ask me if the security was okay and whether I said yes or no it went back to the beginning without sending the fax
—Guest Luann Keller`

I got the best online fax service

I have been using Superfax and it has made my office work smooth and convenient. Get a free demo at http://www.superfax.in/demo.

gotfreefax worked like a champ

Gotfreefax worked first time through, nice and easy.

faxorama didn't work

I noticed a couple of remarks that recommended faxorama so I decided to try it. I felt like I got tricked. I checked out the terms and conditions to make certain my faxes would be secure, a top priority in this day and age. so I filled out the web page, attached my file and clicked the send free fax now button. (attached) I got a web page saying my document was ready to be faxed and I would need to confirm by email. I never received the email. Now I feel like this was just a ruse to intercept my email and possibly peruse through my document.


Just another free 3-pager. Used it and it works great. Also used their paid service for a larger doc and that worked perfectly, too.
—Guest killerbeez

FaxOrama.com should be mentioned as #1

I went to FaxOrama.com as suggested by guest user Pencho. I don't understand why it wasn't even mentioned at all in this article. FaxOrama is free to send 2 faxes per day and upto 5 pages. They don't ask for any payment info whatsoever nor do they make you sign up for trial versions. FaxZero.com only allows you 3 pages. I had to send 5 so I went to FaxOrama. This is why FaxOrama should be number one. Followed by FaxZero then the free trial versions.
—Guest CJ


FaxOrama.com is one of the best because it supports most of the common file extensions. I was unable to see it in the top 5 list. Please take a look and you might consider using it in the nearest future.
—Guest Pencho

Wow, it really worked

Thank you! I found your web page extremely helpful. I just used FaxZero to send my first fax and it was a great recommendation. Thanks!
—Guest Rick Andrews

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