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Readers Respond: Which sites deserve an honorable mention?

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The About Web Search Reader's Choice Awards received many nominations during the call for nominations period between Jan. 1-25, 2010.

Which sites are missing that you believe deserve an honorable mention? Share your favorite sites that weren't nominated this year in any of the ten categories and why you feel they should have been included in this year's awards.

Which sites deserve an honorable mention

it is abut.com NY times company, may be this web site is not famous outside U.S or Canada,i mean not a lot of users use this web site in Egypt because i am from there,1hope this web site will be famous in Egypt like facebook,and i;ll be very proudly that i were from the first users of this web site n Egypt called about.com.
—Guest ahmedhafiz

honorable mention

i think youtube.com i found what i love in? music,series,fun and oldest isn't it?
—Guest ahmedhafiz

Best reference site 4 ancient history

This site has immensely helped me trough my education, in a way I owe my BA to this site! www.cais-soas.com
—Guest Giampaolo

Super Site

Help.com is a super site in helping others in a variety of ways.
—Guest Kimkriss

Best Bkog

What? Lifehacker isn't even mentioned? It is the BES!
—Guest lonp


OMG, I don't want to go thru all this stuff just to see whats the best!!
—Guest shadowdog3


I got many things by using internet. I am using many sites like yahoo, rediff, indiatimes, gmail, way2sms, 160by2 and many. Among all google search is giving very much satisfaction. I think it will be far better for me. prasanta
—Guest Prasanta

Simplicity Sofas - Best Customer Service

This USA based manufacturer/retailer and online property offers the best in product, customer service, one-on-one response time to orders and delivery. Te best in the business! And I have been around for a long time.
—Guest Terrie

Best Search Engine

Not an 'Honorable Mention' rather a question; what in the world is 'SurfCanyon'? I'd never heard of it until your 'poll' and after trying it, I have to wonder what the '47%' who voted for it are drinking or smoking. It's tedious, slow and an apparent knock-off of better SE's. (Sorry to use this space for this, I couldn't find another outlet.)
—Guest CabbyZ

best blog

redlace 1think is best blog sorry i did not use it but i can say i haired about it I'll use it soon as i can

Best WEB search

GOOGLE AND GOOGLE HE IS MY BEST web search google is a big search engine n my thinking.

best hamour site

i think "i can" is my best hamour site i think i hear about it n search engines but4sorry i did not use it.

best travel site

i did not choose any of those because i do not use any of them but i can say Budget Travel is my best travel site a wonder why did not u but him n the list?

best news site

NEW YORK TIMES this great building n every thing not only news but n about.com and the services i learn from education and training thanks new york times for about.com

best jobs site

OK let us say about jobs1think it belongs 2 about.com my lovely site

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